Venice: Is There Anything New To Say?

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Recently I went to Venice, and it took my breath away. I was eager to write all about it when I got home. But after racking my brain for several weeks I came to the conclusion that I had nothing to say about it. Nothing new, anyway.


Which depressed me a bit. As I had not been away in a while, my blog was seriously lacking in content. This should have been an opportunity to get something out there. Venice was voted one of the best cities in Europe, after all. And I had only recently become interested in European getaways after visiting Prague last year.


It got me to thinking: is there anything new in blogging? Or am I just finding it difficult because there is so much out there on Venice specifically?


Regardless, my first venture into Italy was amazing and I would totally recommend it for a short getaway. Before heading to Venice, I read the same advice one hundred times over: just get lost there. I have to say, I agree. The sights are interesting, but my favourite part of the trip was wandering the streets.

Maybe I just need to find my place in the blogging world. I did set up this blog without that much direction.


So this is a short one, just to put it out there. I haven’t written anything in a long time because I just needed to get past this one. To get some content on blog and improve my (currently poor) writing skills I am hopefully going to find the time to write some posts on my past travels, so expect some upcoming stories from Sri Lanka, China and USA!

Have you ever been to Venice? Do any of you bloggers find it hard to think of new things to write about?

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