Solo Female Travel: Prague

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Last October I attended a workshop for volunteers returned from the Global South in Chotěboř, Czech Republic, located in the beautiful Doubrava Valley. I took this as my opportunity to visit Prague for a few days beforehand for my first solo trip.

Solo Female Travel Prague
Old Town Square 

Sleepily, I navigated my way through Gatwick Airport with my ticket in hand and my new carry-on size rucksack on my back. Apprehensive yet excited, I boarded my plane to Prague and embarked on my first solo adventure.

It turns out I had nothing to worry about and my trip was an absolute breeze. I loved the freedom that travelling alone gave me, being able to get up and go whenever and wherever I wanted.

Solo Female Travel Prague
Astronomical Clock

One attributing factor was where I stayed in Prague. As it was my first solo trip I meticulously picked out where I was going to stay, and I wasn’t disappointed! I decided to stay in a hostel as although I’m (more than) happy to walk around in the day on my own, it’s nice to be able to meet people in the evenings. Scouring Hostel World, I found just what I was looking for in Hostel One Home. It wasn’t the cheapest hostel I could have booked but I wanted to make sure I had one I was happy with. The location was amazing, just one street over from the Powder Tower. What’s more the Airport Express stopped right outside of it, which was super handy.

Solo Female Travel Prague
Holy Crucifix Statue, Charles Bridge

So what did I do when I got there? Everything. Seriously, I had such a beautiful time, the sun was shining and was eager to do as much as I could in the short time I had there.

I spray painted my name on the John Lennon wall. I had the most amazing hot chocolate of my life at Choco Cafe. I went on a free walking tour of the historical sights. I ate Trdelník and Smažený Sýr everyday. I visited the KGB museum that had the most insane tour guide I’ve ever met. I had an absinthe cocktail at Absintherie. I saw the bone chapel in Kutna Hora. I drank Pilsner in caves. 

Solo Female Travel Prague
St. Barbara’s Church, Kutna Hora

And that was just the start! I never once felt unsafe walking around Prague on my own, even when the sun had set. I also sadly noticed the lack of cat calling when walking around the city (sad that I noticed it!), which made it feel very safe to be a woman alone. As I didn’t have data on my phone, I saved everything to Google Maps to be used offline which was an enormous help as it allowed me to freely roam the city without worries.

Prague gets my vote as a great place to experience travelling solo for the first time. It is safe, cheap, and full of great things to do and see. It’s definitely made me want to do more solo travel in the future.

Have you ever been to Prague? Have you ever travelled solo? Where would you recommend? 

 Solo Female Travel Prague

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