I’m Holly and this blog was started on a whim before starting my night shift. I’ve always said that I would do any job as long as I could have as much unpaid leave as I wanted – sadly, I am yet to find that job!

Since volunteering for two weeks in Cape Town, South Africa with my college when I was 18 I’ve had the Travel Bug. It is definitely a real thing. I punctuated my years at uni with a six week volunteering placement in Sri Lanka and a four week study and cultural exchange in China. From then I spent a summer saving up for a three month backpacking trip around the USA and was home for only five weeks before I left again for a three month volunteering placement in Tanzania.

I’ve been home now for around 9 months and have been trying the whole job thing – I work as a mental health support worker. It’s not that I don’t want to work, because I do, but the whole thing hasn’t really clicked yet. I need to work this one out.

Having said all of this… I’m not really about backpacking around the world. I’ve been on one ‘backpacking’ trip which was my three month excursion around the States with my friend. I honestly had one of the best times, we had so much fun and I’ve probably never drank so much beer in my life. However, that’s just what it was – fun. We were carefree and doing something just for ourselves and for our enjoyment only. Not that I disagree with this kind of travel, but I think that slow travel is more for me; I feel like I experience more of the culture when I live and work locally.

Following on from this, I am not only about travel. I truly believe I am a global citizen and I am passionate about issues surrounding sustainable development, peace, equality, human rights – I could go on. ┬áThe inequality in the world makes me sad because we are all humans and we didn’t chose where we were born. I hope to one day work in international development, but it doesn’t seem to be meant to be right now.

So what is this blog about? In short, I don’t know. Maybe it will include some accounts of my travels and my opinions on global issues. Regardless, I hope you enjoy!